Post #10 – Baan Thai Pineapple Plantation

August 1, 2011 – Coming back to Baan Thai from my week long visit to Mindfulness Farm, I arrived with a gift in hand, 36 pineapple plants! When chatting with Pi Nan one day, he told me, there are three fruits that are extremely easy to grow in Thailand, which is Banana, Papaya and Pineapple, and now we have all three.

One day we trekked through the forest, and a river, to make our way to a small nearby village, as Pi Nan wanted to get some supplies for the farm. As we walked, he asked us if we were interested to go to the Hot Springs for a hot bath, so we did, and had a wonderful time and lunch together.

Afterwards, Pi Nan wanted to visit a friend, which was Paw Luang, the village mayor if you will. It so happened that at his home he had his very own organic pineapple plantation right in the forest, a food forest you could say!  Their were pineapple growing everywhere, further we went into the forest, more pineapples appeared, it was simply beautiful, and so natural, opposed to the monoculture plantation fields where all you  can see is pineapple. He gave Pi Nan a full bag of pineapple plants for Mindfulness Farm, and he also gave me one to take home…and it was delicious!

A few days later after our initial visit, I went alone through the forest to visit Paw Luang again, this time to get some pineapple for Baan Thai, he was so generous, and even drove me back on his motorbike to Mindfulness Farm, as he could let me walk back with a big bag of pineapple on my shoulder. In a year’s time, when these pineapple have fruited beautiful pineapples, I vouch to return to thank him for his generosity with one of our vary own pineapples from Baan Thai.

Before planting the pineapple, I exposed the roots, giving the plant a better chance to take root and grow into a strong productive plant. Interestingly enough, pineapples are much like bananas, they only bare fruit once and shoot off several sprouts, which in turn will produce fruit.

Afterwards, I decided to plant the pineapple in five different areas, and for different reasons. One of which is to serve as an experiment to see where they grow best.                                                                                           Another is to have some easily accessible in various parts of the property, so I guess if one is really hungry, and really lazy, hopefully one can just bend down and pick-up a pineapple. I planted some by the existing house, others near the canal with all the bananas, on the mound of the Banana/Papaya Circle, near the mango trees by the main road, and another mound in the middle of the property.

These pineapples are the first addition to the food to be grown at Baan Thai, and Thailand being such a tropical place, the pineapple look right at home. See you in a year to witness the fruit of our labour on this fine day!

Quote: Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger. – Saint Basil


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