Post #7 – Property Boundaries and Biota Grid Map

July 17, 2011 – Today was an opportunity to measure out the property boundaries for Baan Thai, so that when we draw our conceptual design, we can do so to scale to the best of our abilities.

We also took this time to make other measurements to allow us to draw a “Biota Grid Map” of the property to facilitate the inventory of all the plant life on the property. This was a job make a lot easier with two people, so Lori Ann and Ricky took the necessary measurements and enjoyed the time simply being in this most beautiful of place’s. After it was time for us to “Sabai” or relax, so we did just that on the deck of the shelter, looking at the beautiful natural scenery, eating fresh fruit and good mineral water…good for health and body, mind and soul.

After we walk around, and gazed upwards to the giant banana stocks, they are most likely 6 meters/20 feet tall, they are big boys and girls, of course no surprise as bananas thrive here in the tropical climate of Thailand.

Quote: ” Life is not meaured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”  

Some people call themselves “Tree Huggers”, but on this find day, I guess you could of called me a “Banana Stock Hugger”. I LOVE bananas, and seeing many bananas growing here at Baan Thai, is simply an illustration of how Mother Nature provides in abundance for all that we need…including food to nourish our body to health.

Walking around the bamboo clumps, we also uncovered some bamboo shoots growing. They general come out at this time of year, meaning rainy season. The Thai people eat the bamboo shoots, we haven’t had the opportunity to taste them yet but I’m sure that the opportunity will present itself one day.

Quote:  ” Be who you are and say what you  feel because those who mind don’t matter      and those who matter don’t mind.” 

We also discovered some other creatures which agree that this is a good place to call home…and they are many of them…they are so excited that they buzz with joy…you guessed it…BEES!


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