Post #5 – Living Soils and Placement of Elements

July 12, 2011 – Today was yet another early morning in Baan Thai, and the first item needing attention was the planting of that little Papaya Tree seedling. I decided to place this little tree with its other two friends in front of the shelter, considering that the other two are growing nicely, I concluded that this one should like this area as well. So I dug a hole, loosed the soil to make it easier to spread and establish its roots, gave it a little water and covered it up with soil, finishing it off with some mulch.

Considering the fact that we will be growing all sorts of food on this land, it would be wise to have an idea of what type of soil we have to work with. Once we know this, we can take the necessary measures required to make it fertile to grow good healthy food. Healthy Soil makes Healthy Plant, which in turn makes Healthy People! After all…”You are what you eat”! Oh yeah, as I was walking around on the property, I came across the “Creation of Soil”…yeah, soil in the making, with the help of Fungi.

So that is why we want to do a “Soil Analysis”. In doing so, I observed that the soil is a nice dark blackish colour, has lots of organic matter and plant roots in the top 5-7 inches in the proposed location for the vegetable garden. With respect to compaction, the soil is by no means a hard compacted soil, in fact, I was able to push a bamboo stake 18″ into the soil with my hands. The soil has a nice earthy odour and has good moisture, I was also able to roll a handful of soil into a sausage. I dug a small hole some 6″ deep and poured approximately a cup of water into it, it took about two minutes for the entire water to evaporate into the soil.

I took my Asian hoe with me today in order that I could clean up the area which had all the glass, plastic, foil, etc. As their were broken glass and small pieces of foil scattered in this area, I choose to simply use my hoe to clean it all up, especially considering that it’s in the middle of where the proposed vegetable garden would be. Also, we wouldn’t want anybody walking bare foot and benefiting from “Earthing” themselves to cut themselves either.

Finally, I walked around the property getting a sense of the land and where certain elements may be best placed in relation to each other, considering certain factors as the topography of the land, the exposure of the sun, to reduce any unnecessary work and to felicitate ease of access to the home garden’s vegetables and herbs. With my little walk about, I now have valuable information that will serve us in pondering the possibilities for the placement of elements as part of our “Zone Analysis”. for Baan Thai.

Quote: Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.
                                                       Hippocrates, the Founding Father of Medicine 


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