Post #4 – Uncovering the Plant Life

July 10, 2011 – Today on my ride to Baan Thai on motorbike, I could see the mist rolling between the nearby mountains, and to my left, the huge pond was as calm as a mirror, with the exception of an occasional fish coming to the surface to feed on the insects. The air is cool and fresh, it’s 7:00 am and cloudy, the heat of the day has not come upon us yet…but it will.

Today my focus was to complete the “Existing Plant Inventory” of the property, which I was able to accomplish. Having done this preliminary work, I was able to identify 237 Banana Stocks, 39 Mango Trees, 3 Papaya Trees, 6 Galangal Clumps, 5 Bamboo Clumps along with three other clumps of grass that have just started to grow.

In addition, I was able to identify 22 Frangipani Trees, some palm trees, and different varieties of clumping grasses, including Vetiver and Elephant Grass. Whit this initial work accomplished, we will now be able to get input from other individuals to identify particular trees, grasses and plants to finish the Existing Plant Inventory. Two that are of particular interest in determining what these plants are, include a tree with a red tear drop shaped fruit with an orange flesh and green slimy seeds inside, as well as a tree with a bark with thorns.

Afterwards, I identified the banana stocks that are going to bear fruit in the near future. This also provides information into the management of the banana clumps, as once a banana stock has fruited, it shall never bear fruit again, so once that it has sprouted a new shout to replace it, it can eventually be cut down and thrown to the ground to provide plant food for the other growing banana stocks.

I then finished my day walking around the property taking photos of various plants and trees. The photos will serve as a kind of historical record, as well as allow us to see the before and after of our efforts through time.

Another great morning at Baan Thai in the splendour and beauty of Nature!

Quote: Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.
                                               Ralph Waldo Emerson



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