Post #3 – Going Bananas

July 5, 2011 – This morning is a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies, the sun is already high in the sky, approximately at two o’clock and its only 9:00am. Being that we are now only two weeks past the Summer Solstice, which occurred on June 21st the longest day of the year,  the days are still very long for the reason that the Sun does not rise exactly in the East, but rises to the North of east and sets to the North of west allowing it to be higher in the sky and for a longer period of time. 

Today’s focus was to “Chop & Drop” the dead leaves off the remaining banana stocks on the property…I think they are all happier because of it. Their are so many banana stocks growing on this land, put it’s good to see that many of the banana clumps are growing families with large grandmothers, thriving mothers, and new sprouting daughters. some having already fruited and other in the process of developing clumps of bananas.

While doing the Chop & Drop of some of the large banana clumps by the eastern canal, I came across two more large clumps of “Galangal”, it seems to grow easily on this land, as I have now identified growing plants of galangal in fourdifferent areas.

I was also able to see a 18″ soil profile near the house. The top 3-4″ was dark black moist soil, with the remaining being somewhat light brown soil with a lot of rocks. I get a sense that the soil has a lot of rocks in it as I’ve observed rocks throughout the property on the surface. I’ll be interested to dig some holes in various spots on the land to see if the same soil profile appears as that which I am able to see near the house. Regardless, many things seem to be growing very well, including lots of banana, mango and frangipani trees, as well as many other plants.

Along the access road into the property is a row of eight trees which have been recently planted, I’m not certain as to what this tree may be…put I’m very curious to find out. It has a leaf canopy somewhat similar to a papaya tree and has a trunk similar looking to some kind of palm…very curious looking!

On the wildlife front, 6-7 large birds seem to have a nest in the large tree in back of the house. They have long tails maybe 23 cm long, they are a darkish grey and black colour…and very loud…I’m assuming that maybe they have some babies in the nest and they particularly didn’t enjoy having me so close. I also saw a very small yellow and black bird who seemed to enjoy eating the berries off the tree beside the house.

Well it lunch time and it’s beginning to get very hot…plus I’m getting very hungry, so that’s all to share on this day…until next time!

Quote: “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.” – An old Indian saying


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