Post #2 – Caring for Planet and Plants

July 3, 2011 – Among today’s focus was to take action on the intention to begin the inventory of the trees and plant presently growing on the property. To facilitate this task, I decided to divide the property into seven grid areas, focusing on grid #1 and #2 for starters.

The amount of food and productive trees in these two areas simply amazed me, I was completely overwhelmed and enthusiastic as to the number of fruit trees thriving. In these two areas alone, which may represent a quarter of the entire property, I was able to identify 75 banana stocks, 20 mango trees,  2 papaya trees, 2 bamboo clumps, and 18 frangipani trees adding a wonderful aromatic scent to the property.

After having waked around and taken the inventory in grid #1 and #2, I then proceeded to focus my attention on plant care and health, by doing a “Chop and Drop” of all the dead leaves on the banana stocks in these two grids. So other than looking a lot better without all those dead hanging banana leaves, the banana stocks have all been mulched and given the opportunity to grow healthier and stronger and to bare an abundance of food to enjoy, as the plants energy can now go to the top of the banana stock and most importantly the banana clump. The pictures below are the “Before & After” doing the Chop & Drop.

Continuing onward on the “Plant Care and Health” theme, I then proceeded to pick up all the rotten mangos around the mango trees in order to avoid attracting pest that may eat away at the fruit still on the trees or harm the tree itself…a little preventive tree health you could say. I also observed that the trucks of the mango trees where planted in mounds with a sunken middle. This is a great planting technique for dry season in particular, as it allows the little amount of rain that does fall during this dry period to be caught in the bold and provide valuable water to the trees’ root system.

I also took time to walk around the land, gazing at all the abundance that Mother Nature has provided with such perfection and ease. On my walk, I was very pleased to come across three clumps of “Galangal”, at this point I simply had to laugh, as I’ve been wanting to plant Galangal in a pot at the house for a week now, the Universe provides again…along with the opportunity to have this plant to cook so many wonderful tasty Thai dishes.

I then proceeded to do a little cleaning, picking up plastic bags as well as plastic and glass bottles. It felt really great to be doing this, it felt to me as the land was not only cleaner, but for me, this symbolized the land being a much more healthier place because of having rid the land of this destructive toxic plastic. One thing I absolutely hate…is PLASTIC.

While doing this, I was also very happy to come across several clay pots scattered all over the property, this was once again a great gift, as the week prior I was out in Chiang Mai “Kam Tiang Tree Market” shopping for clay pots to buy and here they are on the land already…empty and ready to use to grow some new plants.

Oh yeah, talking about new plants, as I was cleaning the rotten mangos under one of the mango trees, I came across a dozen or more little seedlings of various kinds of plant or trees…another illustration of how if you simply trust in your self and the Universe and stop resisting was IS, you can co-create your world in your vision, and live out your destiny. And to add to my story of the appearance of new plants on this day, just beside the steps up to the house was a little Papaya Tree seedling just waiting to be planted …so I guess this week we will need to find this Papaya tree a new home to take root and grow.

Thanks to the neighbours beside the property, they have gotten a machine to level the access road into the property in the last few days. The road is now a little wider and flatter.

Finally, throughout the day a variety of colourfully decorated butterflies flew around the land, I guess they like it here too, what great guest they are to have. It was also a joy to see the bird life flying around and perching about on the trees eating away at the small berries on the trees.

What another amazing day!

Quote: ” It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau



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