Post #1 – Discovering the Abundance with Gratitude

June 30, 2011 – Today is day one at the Baan Thai property, as I begin to apply what I have learned over the last 9 months about natural organic gardening as well as about Permaculture. I am very excited to move from my learning through books, DVD’s, the internet, and the sharing of knowledge of my new found friends in Australia, to taking action on the land, here in Amazing Thailand.

It feels so great to arrive on the land, as a sense of tranquility and peace prevails, as I overlook the property and beyond to the majestic mountains in the background. The air is so refreshing in this vibrant natural environment, and being the wet season in tropical Thailand, everything is growing with such vigour. I’m amazed how tall the grass has grown, and how the young trees have reach a height beyond my reach in only three months, as March was the last time I saw them. The picture above is of today, the picture below was taken from the same place, but three months ago, what a difference in such a short time.

It was very pleasing to see that a few of the young Papaya trees had taken root and are now on their way to growing strong and producing wonderful fruit in the near future. However, the most striking observation and discovery on this day was the identification of a dozen  or more Mango trees. This all happened as a very nice surprise, as I was observing the landscape, I came across these large brownish fruit on the ground, upon which I quickly determined that they were a brownish colour for the reason that they had completely rotted.

As I continued to look near by, I saw several others, including a yellow one, that’s when I asked myself, could these be mangos, and as I looked up into the tree, their they were, hanging beautifully from the tree’s branches…Mangos. As I looked around me, to my astonishment I was now surrounded by several mango trees, that are at the present moment baring wonderful, juicy and delicious fruit…and so healthy and organic too. I couldn’t contain my excitement, I found another mango on the ground that was in good condition and I peeled away the skin and took a great big bite…aaaah, how good is that…Mother Nature provides in abundance…and effortlessly!

On this day, I also took some measurements of the property’s boundries, and while doing so I met the neighbours, which included a mother and daughter, the daughters husband or boyfriend I’m not sure, and another gentlemen who seemed to be a friend. The Mother spoke sufficient English for us to communicate. At one point she grabbed my wrist and brought me up the hill to show me her house across the valley up on the hill near by. She offered access to a machine to cut the tall grass and she then started to talk about drilling a well for water, which is of course a crucial element, permanent access to a source of water. She shared that they needed to drill 30 meters to reach water when they drilled for her water well at her house.

A great day it has been as I reflect leaving the property, I feel very excited and enthusiastic of something special unfolding here, the beginning of a great Journey has taken root and is to blossom into a beautiful lotus of creation. I feel so privileged to be able to do this together with Prin, his Father, and Lori Ann…the FUN and sharing we are having now and are going to continue having together is a true blessing…aaaah how I LOVE this Amazing Thailand.



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